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FOCUS ON Major Issues Or Complications That Can Arise From Purchasing Contract:
1. Ambiguities in Purchasing Contracts that cause complications during implementation
2. Changes in design and / or specifications
3. Preferred Vendor List
4. Export Credit Agency
5. Local Protection Policy
6. Delay in Delivery
7. Expediting Delivery
8. Single Source
9. Your questions
1. The trend of Negative impacts in international construction contracts arising from current
    downturn in oil & gas industry
2. Termination by convenience / default
3. Deferment of deliveries
4. Non-payments / deferred payments
5. Imposition of Liquidated Damages
6. Refusals to grant EOTs
7. Refusals to acknowledge VARIATION ORDERS
8. Acceleration of works without compensation
9. Back-charges for carried-over works, warranty defects, latent defects
10. Renegotiate Rates & Prices
11. Incentive Schemes in exchange for dropping EOT claims
12. Insolvency / Bankruptcy / Winding-Up of Client
13. Your questions

About Your Advisor: LEE CHEE LEONG (JAMES ) Freelance Contract Management & Claims Consultant. Former Corporate Contract Advisor, BOMESC. Former Project Contract Consultant, COOEC , YAMAL LNG Project Click Here For More

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